“American” Childhood for the Foreigner

  1. On pages 17-18 Luiselli states “When we run out of stories to tell our children, we fall silent and look out at the unbroken line of the high-way… How do we explain any of this to your own children?” This is a clear depiction of the challenges in introducing our children to society’s injustices. To what extent should we expose our children to the reality of political systems which in some ways promote social injustices?
  2. The text explains the multitude of risks behind crossing the border. What are our thoughts about decisions to send children into dangerous territory? Is it worth the risk? To what extent can our country provide a better life?
  3. To what extent is the government responsible for providing for our children? Is it solely the parent’s responsibility?
  4. The text ends with concerns about public schooling for immigrant children. Should public schools be responsible for providing equal opportunity and education regardless of resident status? What are some ways we can combat concerns of funding and crowding? How could we present solutions for those who are opposed to this?

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